18 August 2010

Cake plate, $5
I forgot about the existence of cake plates for a long time. I've never owned one so I just got used to taking larger home-baked cakes to the table on oven trays. But there comes a time in a woman's life when serving cakes on oven trays starts to feel a bit juvenile; like continuing to refer to your other half as your boyfriend even though you have children together. I'm still guilty of the latter half the time, as I find the term "partner" rather cagey and unromantic, but at least I have a cake plate now.


  1. Ah, the cake plate. I still don't really have one, do large dinner plates count?

    Though I did pick up a mustard yellow cake container at my local op shop a little while ago and that did strangely make me feel a little bit more grown up!

  2. Well Kerry, I'm afraid I don't think large dinner plates count. But the turntable of an old microwave would.

    You are the first person to leave a comment on this blog - you win.... a waterproof mattress protector!

  3. What a revelation! A microwave turntable!