04 August 2010

Bra inserts, 50 cents
Men don’t see enough breasts. From magazines to late night TV, it’s always the same breasts: rounded and sticking straight out. I’m surprised more men don’t fall about in disbelief when they discover that a date’s breasts aren’t rounded or sticking straight out but are perhaps conical or pointing down or two-thirds areola. Or that one breast is slightly larger than the other. This last little feature is quite common but isn’t generally an issue for a woman until she puts on a v-neck top and finds that the neckline is sitting askew. Luckily, a single bra insert can straighten things out.

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! Oh Amy, your blog should be famous!! I'm going to give you a plug on my blog - so many of my bloggy friends will enjoy yours as much as I do!