25 August 2010

Backpack, $35

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hong Kong, which is where I would’ve grown up if my parents hadn’t made the decision to emigrate to Australia. So I was thrilled when a closer inspection of this pre-loved leather backpack revealed the insignia of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a 125-year-old institution which for many Hong Kong natives is synonymous with high society. The label actually says The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, which means the backpack was made some time between 1959, when the club obtained Royal Charter and was renamed, and 1996, the year before the return of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

I actually gave up on backpacks a few years ago, after having my wallet stolen right off my back. But this backpack has an inward-facing zip-up pocket just to protect against such a contingency. Plus, the traditional shoulder bag was starting to give me a permanently shrugged-up shoulder.

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