06 August 2010

Jade drops, $10
It’s uncool to bargain at an op shop. The goods are donated, the staff are volunteers and the takings go to charity, so for the customer to be in it for himself just seems wrong. Not that there aren’t reduced prices to be had. When I went to buy these $20 earrings, I told the woman serving me I planned to swap the screw backs for hooks. She told me she was after some gold screw backs and could she buy them off me? I removed the screw backs and told her to have them. “Let’s split it,” she said. So I paid $10 and she paid $10; taking the cash out of her purse and putting it in the till she worked for no pay. Who says the free market is an unforgiving system?


  1. I used to and my kids still do volunteer at a charity shop, and always buy stuff there while volunteering (not good for the clutter factor). But this story is really special.

  2. Oh, well done! I love that aspect of opshops too - that you can do little deals with the staff about an aspect of something you want. Only the smaller opshops though - I don't think Savers or the Salvos would come to the party...But like you, I am disgusted by people who try to knock prices down in opshops. I might consider one shop is more expensive than another, but the bottom line is they are all cheaper than Myers!