04 August 2010

Notebook, $15
When my daughter was four she informed her grandma that when she had a baby of her own, her mother would be a grandma. “And what will I be?” her grandma asked. “You’ll be dead,” was the reply. I wrote this down in a notebook, back when I was inclined to write down every little quip and comment the children made. But then the cute comments started rolling in so thick and fast that I gave up on the whole enterprise. Plus, a little voice inside my head was whispering, “You’re living in the past, man.” This notebook is made of recycled paper and old Little Golden Book covers.

1 comment:

  1. I always feel that writing these things down (which I never really even *started* and feel extremely guilty about)s is more for the children's futures than my past. I always feel it would make them feel that they were really loved and appreciated if their mum could take the time to write those things down, when they read them sometime in their adulthood. (Guilt, guilt...)