06 August 2010

Nutcracker toy, $2
It’s now been about two years since I started sourcing everything second-hand, and I’ve started to lose track of the value of things in the real world. When I saw this nutcracker for $2 at an op shop, I was excited. The children are fond of The Nutcracker ballet, so it seemed like a special and unusual thing to bring home. But when I turned it over I saw that it’s original price was a mere $2.99, and that it was from Dimmeys. If I’d seen it at Dimmeys, lined up with hundreds of others, I most likely would’ve dismissed it as just another uninspired Christmas decoration. But because it was all alone amongst stacks of frying pans on a cluttered shelf, it called out to me. So who’s the fool then?

1 comment:

  1. Blushing----this is so true! They do call out--but I am always asking myself, if I were at Walmart would it call out enough for me to even reach over and check the price? I am a thrift addict. Left over from my grandparents' depression days?