08 September 2010

Frying pan, $5
I’m not always a stickler for the tenets of customer service. This is fortunate, because I recently had a price upped on me right before my eyes. I was paying for this frying pan at an op shop when some sort of head honcho swept into the store, picked off the $3 price sticker and announced to one and all, “A heavy-based pan should be at least $5.” Earlier, a different woman had noticed me looking at the jewellery and brought out some more. I mustn’t have spent long enough looking at the new jewellery because when I moved on she mumbled something under her breath. I nonetheless loved the shop and loved listening to those old biddies nattering amongst themselves. But a rude waiter at a trendy café? Intolerable.

1 comment:

  1. That would have been very annoying! Not the best day (or staff!) for that shop. I think you have a good attitude though. I read an interesting discussion on another blog with complaints about charity shops--thankfully someone pointed out before me that they are mostly volunteers. It's still rough. I used to volunteer at a charity shop myself, and there was one very cranky very elderly (in case that explains some of it?) lady who hated children. She would follow mine around with angry looks and mean comments! That was not the sort of eccentric volunteer behaviour I think a charity shop can afford to overlook really.

    Really enjoyed your post.