23 September 2010

Shoes, $5
The only times my boyfriend needs to wear dressy shoes is when he’s off to the members’ stand at the MCG or a funeral. This is ironic as we actually refer to his dressy shoes as his “dead man’s shoes” on account of the fact they’re old-fashioned, from an op shop and have the name Keith Edwards written in them. He also has a jumper whose original owner not only labelled it with his name but also his workplace, Mt Alexander Hospital. I don’t know who owned my outfits before me – it seems women aren’t as inclined to put their names on their belongings.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! You are a hoot, Amy! I am thoroughly enjoying reading through your blog! You are lucky the man in your life will wear anything from an opshop. My husband turns up his nose at anything I bring home for him, so I don't any more. He doesn't ask where I get my clothes; he knows they are all from opshops (I would never be able to afford so many changes otherwise!)