24 October 2010

Spice rack, $5

Many people seem to feel it’s only natural to wax lyrical about the likes of Italian or Thai food but make fun of English and American food. Now this might merely be the glutton in me talking rather than the diplomat, but I never actually met a cuisine I didn’t like. Hell, I even like that Czech stew that’s served with whipped cream. And I never fail to be dazzled by the array of soups, ways with eggs, and sweet pies on offer the best American diners. One of my favourites is pumpkin pie, and I make it so often that I think I’ve managed to notch up a dozen or so first-time eaters at my kitchen table. The recipe calls for the classic mulling spices, as represented in this spice rack.


  1. Hi, came over from iopthereforeiam for more about this spicereack... I seriously love it!
    ... and I'd be interested in the recipe you use for pumpkin pie?

  2. Hi Emily, I actually use the recipe from the Women's Weekly Sweet Old-fashioned Favourites cookbook. I use freshly-cooked pumpkin, but my sister, who lives in New York, uses canned pumpkin! She's been Americanised!