19 November 2010

Blouse, $1
I never fail to be delighted by the lack of self-consciousness shown by my children when it comes to learning the language. Every week there’s another blithely mispronounced word (and therefore... a new word learnt?)

This is one of my seven-year-old’s favourite items of clothing. After choosing it at an op shop, she held it up and asked, “Is it a brouse?” “Well, your Chinese grandma calls it a brouse," I replied, "but it’s actually a blouse.”

1 comment:

  1. LOL LOL!!! That is so cute, Amy! When my Japanese penpal was staying with us, we had to hide our grins behind our hands, with her pronunciation of anything with L. But I think she realised, because she would come out with the funniest things, and have a twinkle in her eye!