07 November 2010

Candle holder, $6
The big supermarket chains are rather good at profiting from the sale of reusable shopping bags, but they aren’t quite so good at getting customers to actually use them. I thought it must have been an impossible ask: how can you make demands of customers? But then I went to Aldi. At Aldi, most customers walk into the store with their reusable shopping bags tucked under their arm and have no intention of taking a plastic one. It appears that bringing your own bags is a natural extension of knowing that you will be packing your own groceries, that you will be responsible for packing your own groceries. And all it took for Aldi to make this happen was to offer customers markedly cheaper groceries.

Having failed thus far to find an attractive set of hooks to hang my collection of shopping bags on, I improvised by buying this pre-loved candle-holder and taking off the drip guards.


  1. Absolutely fantastic idea. Well done.

  2. Aldi charges for plastic bags.

  3. Ah, I didn't know that.
    Thanks Anon.!