17 November 2010

Dress, $2
I hate labels. I refuse to wear anything with a label. Don’t get me wrong; I love designer clothing. I just have to cut the labels out first because I have dry skin and labels scratch like a son of a bitch.

Many clothing manufacturers cut the labels out of their surplus stock before donating them to op shops so as not to cannibalise or cheapen their own brand. Personally, I’d be a bit miffed if what I thought was a dress from a respectable, mid-range chain store turned out to be an item by one of those short, male fashion designers who seem to hate women. 


  1. I find it interesting that designers/top end clothing stores would cut out their labels before donating them to an op shop. If I purchase an item from an op shop and am particularly impressed with the fitting or style of the brand I am actually more inclined to go seek out more items from that brand... so they are really doing themselves a disservice by being so concerned about cheapening their brand!

  2. Pithy and perfect post as ever!

  3. I cut out the labels too - partly because the clothes are MINE now.
    I am having real trouble finding underpants for my husband without someone else's name woven into the waistband.