09 November 2010

Water dumbbell, 50 cents
My boyfriend recently took our girls to a public pool, and he had a mind to bring along something that would sink so the girls could have a go at retrieving things from the pool floor. The hygienic-enough and heavy-enough item we came up with was a spoon. But at the pool, he couldn’t quite bring himself to start flinging the spoon around. In this day and age of specialised products for every activity and a raft of regulations for every activity, people might’ve looked at him askance. So as ridiculous as it seems to me that “dive sticks” even exist, that’s what I was on the lookout for the next time I went op-shopping. What I came back with was a “water dumbbell,” which also works when it's filled with stones.

I wonder if there’s a Water Dumbbell heiress out there somewhere…

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  1. Hi Amy,
    After reading your comment on my post on the OpShop blog, I decided to come over and visit. I've just spent nearly an hour reading through your blog, chuckling over most of your posts. I've left a few comments, don't know if you'll find them! You said you were a silly 15 year old when you volunteered for Do Care, well I think you must have been a kind-hearted 15 year old - nothing wrong with that!