17 December 2010

Django & Juliette shoes, $6.99
Salvos, Sunbury
You would think, from the fashion shoots in magazines and newspapers, that women wear nothing but ridiculously high heels all the time. Why can’t stylists alternate the footwear so that every other outfit features flat shoes? Especially if the models are wearing short skirts. I like short skirts, but short skirts with high heels strikes me as a bit slutty and try-hard. And it’s not that I’m against slutty and try-hard per se, merely that - like everything - it’s a matter of degrees. I generally go for a look that's hopefully best described as just slutty enough and maybe I'm trying, maybe I ain't; and who's askin' anyhow, bozo?

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  1. I know, isn't it weird that stylists would rule out a whole world of non-high-heel shoes when they're making pretty pictures? And if they don't think flatties are all that flattering, wouldn't that just be a meaty challenge (if not as tricky as harem pants or crazy high waists or 'nude' colours)? The shoes pictured are very cute - I love brown shoes in summer; must be memories of brown Bata sandals as a kid. Thanks for your blog Amy, it's fab!