27 February 2011

Barkins top, $6
Many of us are guilty of treating someone who doesn’t speak English or who is hard of hearing as if they're a bit stupid. Not on purpose, of course – it just sometimes slips out in a moment of frustration or impatience (some of you might be thinking “Cut out this us business, I never do it,” and I tip my hat to you).

At an op shop last week, the old dear behind the counter decided she’d had just about enough of the colleague who was putting out clothes in all the wrong places. As this colleague went to hang some more tops with the dresses the old dear exclaimed, “They’re tops! They’re tops!” and then added “You wear them over pants!” The colleague didn’t react but if she had, I dare say she would have been well within her rights to say, “I'm 70 years old. I know what tops are, Beryl.”

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