20 March 2011

Most of the time, when a business leases new premises, it takes great pains not to be mistaken for the old business. After all, a café doesn’t want to look like a hardware store, a hardware store doesn’t want to look like a hairdressing salon, and a hairdressing salon doesn’t want to look like a real estate agent. But an op shop will move into an old petrol station with a minimum of fuss.


  1. I find this so funny, I can't stop laughing. I love the have a go spirit but lets put in a little bit of effort people!

    I'm still laughing...

    I hope they have at least swept the cob webs down and given the op shop ladies a clean space for a wee kettle and a tin of bickies.

  2. I had to giggle! We noticed that the service station had morphed into an op shop and then I stumbled upon your post about it! You are right, it does make dropping of donations so easy!

  3. How awesome - drive through op shopping ;-}