22 February 2012

When I was setting up my shop, I was a mess. My boyfriend had quit his job, I'd signed a commercial lease and outlaid thousands of dollars on stock and equipment, and I worried I was sending the whole family to the poorhouse for nothing more than a selfish dream. My boyfriend's response was, "We won't be going to the poorhouse this month, or next month, or the month after that; so just enjoy the process." Well, he has since decided not to seek out a new job immediately but to spend a month at home first, working on his own projects and looking after the children. Sometimes, at the end of the day, he frets that he hasn't been productive enough; so now it's my turn to say, "You've decided to take a month off work to do your own thing, we won't be going to the poorhouse any time soon, just enjoy the process."  

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