25 March 2012

Another favourite column has recently bitten the dust. No surprises there. The unfortunate reality is that many pages of the newspaper are no longer for me. I understand that. Newspapers have to reinvent themselves; to continuously replace old readers with new readers. I became an avid newspaper reader in my twenties, and newspapers have to continue to appeal to a twentysomething audience in order to survive. I understand that. I don't like it, but I understand it. And I continue to read the newspaper because it is an old friend. A somewhat cold and disinterested old friend these days, but there it is. Thank God, then, for the sports pages (in Melbourne, anyway), one of the last remaining places where a long-standing columnist doesn't have to watch his back.        


  1. I have also slowly turned off of newspapers. If it were not for being a night shift working nurse in hospital, I would totally disregard them. If only the Age were less broadsheet. The largely infirmed hands, either by age or surgery, find The Herald Sun more manageable. So that is my skimming newspaper.

    It is my secret shame.

  2. what column was it?

    I'm finding that the newspaper is an exciting prospect until I buy it then it loses all of it's charm:(
    Hope you upload some pics from your launch!

  3. Mark Dapin's in GW, of course!