23 April 2012

I crossed a line today. I bought this CD for the girls after they'd mentioned, in a casual, off-hand sort of way, that they might be interested in it. But there’s no such thing as a “casual” or “off-hand” comment when it comes to nurturing their interest in books and music, so I ordered it straight away and within a few weeks they were listening to it and loving it. Sometimes, however, they would neglect to put it on. So before a long drive I might say casually, “Shall we listen to El Dorado in the car?” And at night, before sitting down to dinner, I might say in an off-hand sort of way, “Who wants to put on El Dorado?” But I never listened to it on my own. After all, I’m cool, and not a child. But today, as I drove to my shop knowing that El Dorado was still inserted into the CD player from the night before, I turned it on. Just to listen to one song! But after the song finished, I wished I hadn’t done it. It just wasn’t the same.

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  1. .....yes, a bit like going to Universal Studios and having fun........