04 November 2012

I’m currently pregnant with my third child. My first two are girls, and whenever people ask what we’d prefer for our third, we say another girl. My boyfriend and I have always thought, what could be finer than a house full of girls? And the reality of life with the two  girls we’ve got has done nothing to shake that conviction.

But recently, my boyfriend has come round to the idea of having a boy, so that he now professes to be fifty/fifty. “Really?” I said. “Look at it this way,” he explained, “it could turn out to be a little me. And this time, we’ll get him right.”  


  1. Congratulations! Boy or girl, I'm sure it will be well loved. I really liked your last post - made me smile!

  2. Congratulations Amy and Scott - have just heard your news. That's so wonderful. We have just (10 weeks ago) had our own little girl, Olive, whose older brother is now 9!! Hope you're all well, Penny and Dave x

  3. Thanks guys, and congratulations to you, too!