06 August 2010

VCRs for sale at the Outlook Market
Adults born in different decades can nonetheless recall many of the same films, but children born in different decades often haven’t even heard of the same films. I recently bought All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989), The Magic Riddle (1991) and The Swan Princess (1994). There isn’t much to lead a child of today to such films. No merchandise in shops, no screenings on TV, no Disney “vault” and no way to compete with the newer releases at Video Ezy. Many older animated films have all but disappeared from the popular imagination, but they do line the shelves of op shops as dusty videos. Eventually, an op shop will also be the only place to find that quaint twentieth century machine needed to play them.

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  1. It has been the case for some time now here in Canada. (only buying VCRs second hand)