06 August 2010

Utensil rack, $450
The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is certainly impressive, but when I went there recently the only sight that really stopped me in my tracks was the replica of a typical 1920s kitchen in the ‘…never done’: women’s work in the home exhibit. In New York, I gravitate towards the Lower East Side Tenement Museum and at Walt Disney World in Florida I make a beeline for the Carousel of Progress attraction. Nothing transports me back in time quite like a replica kitchen replete with the furnishings, cookware, crockery and gadgets of the period. Gigi a la maison specialises in antique French enamelware and toleware.

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  1. This is close to home for me. We have a rental suite, and before it was rented out I had it all furnished and decorated with old things and style. I just loved it.