06 August 2010

Glass, $9, Villa & Hut
Egypt has its problems, but one of the problems it doesn’t have is that of rubbish bins overflowing with plastic or cardboard juice cups complete with lids and straws. It’s not that the locals don’t like to cool down in the summertime with a freshly-squeezed juice, merely that they are in the habit of having it in a proper glass. Whether from a street vendor or a juice parlour, most customers will stand there, drink their juice and return their glass. They don’t feel a need to walk around with their juice; and to be honest, if a person doesn’t have two minutes in the day to be still and drink a glass of juice, something’s gotta give. This glass is part of a 100% recycled glass range, which also includes carafes, serving platters and canisters.

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