28 March 2011

Footy jumper, $2
Like many little girls, my daughters aren’t all that into fine art and they aren’t all that into football. But they are into impressing their dad. So when he took them to see the Ron Mueck sculptures at the National Gallery, they looked at everything very carefully and even made informed comments, such as “I know it’s a boy because it has a penis.”

When they accompanied him to a football game  – to a match that just about brought him to tears - my seven-year-old obliged him by memorising and then excitedly reciting to me the phrase, “Jack Riewoldt kicked ten goals.” In fact, she memorised it so well that some weeks later, when a friend saw her wearing this jumper and commented that she must be a Richmond supporter, she responded by saying, “Jack Riewoldt kicked ten goals.” “Is Jack Riewoldt your favourite player?” my friend asked. “I don’t know,” she shrugged. 

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