15 May 2011

Socks, 50 cents

Two years ago, I got it into my head to weed the odd socks out of my life. I placed a basket on a chest of drawers, and every time I came across an odd sock while folding the laundry, I put it in the basket. If, after several loads of washing, its brother turned up, then well and good. But if it didn’t, then that odd sock was transferred to the “rags bag” (actually another basket) to await use as a cleaning cloth. The months rolled by, but the number of socks in the odd socks basket never diminished. How was this possible? Finally, my boyfriend revealed that the odd socks basket was where he went for a pair of clean socks each morning.    

1 comment:

  1. My husband was in a meeting with his boss when he (the boss) stopped abruptly, looked down, and remarked: 'I'm wearing odd shoes'. Suffice to say he was a pretty good boss...