20 May 2011

The Chinese may not be the best recyclers, but like poor people everywhere, they are natural re-users. If this scene were taken from an Australian kindergarten, you can bet the stepping-stones would be brightly-coloured, purpose-built, Australian Standard-ticked, Occupational Health and Safety-approved pieces of moulded plastic. And made in China, of course. For the world. A world which, incidentally, is not averse to tut-tutting China for its environmental track record whilst placing orders for as much plastic fantastic as will fit into a shipping container. 

Photo by Sanghee Lui, via The Age


  1. Sigh. Sad but true. Have just discovered your blog and really enjoying reading your posts!

  2. I think children in China would be better controlled than those in Australia and the man there is actually their OHS solution. Cherrie