25 May 2011

TV cabinet, $60
A friend of mine was recently in the market for a TV cabinet, so when I saw this one in a Vinnies store, I took a photo of it and emailed it to her. She rushed down to the store the next morning, but not to buy the TV cabinet: the little bedside tables to the left had caught her eye.

Curtain, $4 - $6 each
She then mentioned that she was in the market for curtains with an extra-long drop. I saw these yellow silk ones - with a 2.7m drop - in a new-fangled Christian church op shop (it was the church that was new-fangled, not the op shop).

Coat, $10
We went to the shop together to buy them and she also came away with a wicker suitcase, a leather jacket and children's gumboots. I left empty-handed. My friend has just finished renovating, you see, so the self-imposed embargo on shopping has finally been lifted. I, however, am about to start renovating, so I am reluctant to spend money or to bring anything new into the house. Unless, of course, it's something really special. Such as a vintage wool coat, which is a rare sight in op shops these days.

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