06 June 2011

Photo by George Marks

If a shopkeeper were to congratulate you on something you found in their shop, telling you  how clever you are, how lucky you are, it would be absurd. But this kind of thing flies in op shops, because the stock isn’t hand-picked by somebody but kindly donated by anybody and everybody. I was at the Vinnies store in Castlemaine when a woman visiting from NSW found a needlepoint  work depicting historic Castlemaine buildings. “Aren’t you clever!” the sales assistant exclaimed. “Well, what a find. Look at the work in that, the detail in that. Maria! Dorothy! Come out here and have a look at what this lady has found! Isn’t it beautiful. Oh, you’ve done well for yourself, haven’t you dear? Yes, a wonderful way to end your visit. That’ll be $5.”

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