07 June 2011

Cap, 50 cents
Most of the time, when a person owns a Coca-Cola cap, it’s because they were given it as part of a promotion. But not my eight-year-old. She bought hers. We were at an op shop in Katoomba two years ago and she was rummaging through a basket of hats when she saw it and had a Eureka moment. She really loves drinking Coca-Cola, you see, so it was as if the cap had been made for her. Mind you, this is a girl who says the only thing she dislikes about roller-skates is that they make her  appear taller, and, as she puts it, "I like people to know the truth about me." I wonder if she’s the only person in the world who wears a Coca-Cola cap in earnest: not thoughtlessly, not as a fashion statement, but as  honest self-expression. Like I said, she really loves her Coke. 


  1. take a texta and ad the words "diet" and "vanilla" to the hat. Give it to Mark D

  2. Ha, this is such a cute story