22 June 2011

I collect cords. Not on purpose, of course, it’s just that every machine or appliance that comes into the house comes with a cord. Or requires a cord. And whenever one of those machines or appliances leaves the house in a state of disrepair, I keep the cord. Just in case. But I’m about to move, and while it’s one thing to keep a jumble of redundant cords out of sight at the back of a cupboard, it’s quite another to put them into a box and purposely cart them to a new home. But what if I need one of those cords down the track? As I was  packing last night, I had an epiphany: I’d donate them to an op shop. But not just any op shop, my local. That way, if I ever need one of those cords again, I can just mosey on into the township and buy it back. Cords are one of the slower-moving items at my local op shop, but there is a basket dedicated to housing them. And for half of those cords, it is the basket from whence they came.     

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