15 July 2011

Mantlepiece, $1990
Select Salvage

The house I bought and am about to move into was built as a holiday home in 1968 and has never been renovated. It has a single sink in the kitchen, and a laundry sink only in the bathroom/laundry. That’s right; no vanity. Everyone assumed I’d be buying a porcelain sink quick smart, and it’s true that there are many lovely, pastel-coloured ones around in recycled building supplies stores. But I am a great advocate of slumming it where you can, and splurging only where you want to. So I'll be brushing my teeth at a utilitarian laundry sink but warming myself in front of a wood heater  surrounded by a multi-tiered mantelpiece.


  1. I love it! I want it!!

  2. I really think this what you have arrived at is a brilliant idea...you could not throw away these pieces for the world...they look so cute and antique.