12 September 2011

The reappropriation of detritus from around my new property continues. This galvanized trash can was in one of the sheds. After installing a 7000-gallon rainwater tank one metre into the ground, I needed something that would enable me to reach the lever after the area around it was backfilled. This is what my artist/auteur jack-of-all-trades came up with.

That same week, he sourced a second-hand piano for my eight-year-old, who has been having lessons since the start of the year. I'd been dreading the amount of money I was looking at spending for a reconditioned piano, and he came up with the idea of convincing another client, who owned a piano but whose children had long since stopped playing ,to let me have his on permanent loan.    


  1. Lovely solution for the piano! I just discovered your blog (via Wardrobe Refashion) and have just had a pleasant hour reading back through all your posts. So many familiar oppies! It is good, isn't it that tho the shops remain the same the goods change so much. If you ever get to Albury Wodonga, the Salvos in Wodonga is a treasure trove (I got my first pair of Django and Reinhardt shoes there, hooray!). I am keeping my eyes out for more Woods Ware Jasmine - I saw you got a Beryl plate, tho yet to find any. Your little girls sound wonderful, what clever op-shoppers they already are. Hugs, Jasmine in Newstead

  2. Interesting alternative :D you are smart! Congratulations!