22 March 2011

There are things that even an op shop can’t sell. Last week, this dumpster at the side of a Vinnies store was full of unsaleable clothing. Today, it was full of unsaleable books and magazines. I was tempted to ask the staff if I could go through the dumpster’s contents. After all, there are things I won’t pay for but will happily take home for free. But I couldn’t quite bring myself to ask - turns out there’s a limit to how cheap I’m prepared to look in front of a complete stranger. Who knew! And as I walked away a recycling truck arrived, backed up to the dumpster and emptied it.


  1. Amy this is a whole new world of stuff for me thanks to Mark D

  2. Well I hope you're enjoying this whole new world!

  3. its different, not certain that it will be my new thing, but definitley not a bad thing

  4. Hi Amy,
    Love reading your blog. Thank you!
    How sad to see the books in the recycling bin. It seems a shame and I know what you mean about not being able to buy everything but it doesn't mean it's rubbish.
    I think it would be great if thrift stores should give people an opportunity to take away things as free first before throwing them away completely. There's lots of things I like making with old books and I wouldn't feel as bad to chop up the books if I knew they were destined to be pulped anyway. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to ask next time. Everything deserves a chance of a second go before it goes to the bin.
    All the best!
    -Bendigo Thrifter

  5. Hi Bendigo Thrifter, thank you for your kind words. I often think a good solution is to have regular fill-a-bag-for-$5 days, but it seems to be only the little op shops that do those.

  6. Vinnies actually have pretty stringent rules about what books they will and won't sell. All rejects are trashed.
    Fortunately, the staff usually ignore instructions or aren't capable of implementing them - but I don't think you will get many devil worshipping books there.

  7. Hi Paul Perry,
    I once overheard some staff members at a Salvos store telling a new staff member what books they weren't allowed to sell. Astrology books, apparently, were out. But there's generally plenty of astrology books at your typical Salvos store.